Simple modifications of the firmware for a reader divx containing chip Mediatek 13x9

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Here a list of modifications not asking enormously knowledge and rather simple to realize on a firmware containing Mediatek chipset. Even if these changes do not modify the firmware basically, it is advisable to be careful. I specify, but you will have understood it, that I am not at all responsible for the problems which can result from it.
Modifications tested and approved on Yamaha S550 (see page of the firmwares for this player  here ).


The programs used are available  here  and  here.
The modifications and captures are based on version 0.2RC3 of MTKReMaker from which the identifiers can be different with the last version (in particular on classifications).
Examples of font or background are available  here and  here.

1. Modification of the subtitles

  1.1. creation of subtitles
Here a small tutorial for those which want to modify the subtitles during the reading of a divx (font and positioning).

Run the MtkFontCreator tool. 

Go to "Font Creation"

  - Preset : select the code page (1252 for French)
  - Font : select the font (as well as the size, contour...)
  - Font Character Generation Options : management of various characteristics related to the character spacing (see values notched in the example)

Got  to "Font Tools"

Allows to have an sight of what will be posted with the screen.
One can regulate the width so that it corresponds to the posted zone (see section on the positioning of the zone of subtitles).

Save the table of characters.

Some examples here.

  1.2. insertion of a table of characters in the firmware

Run the MtkReMaker tool and open the firmware :

Go to the section "Data Part > OSD Block > OSD 1 Visuals> Fonts"
Here, a minimum of knowledge is necessary : to know where the subtitles are stored. For example, on Yamaha S550 they are under "Font 11-12" :

On the most current readers, that must be rather easy to find information.

Click with the right button on "Font" corresponding, to choose "Replace", and to select the file created by MtkFontCreator.
One can also recover a table of character of another firmware by choosing "save" for that which one wants to recover and by then making same handling for the replacement.
Save the firmware.

  1.3. change the size and the positioning of the subtitles zone 

Run the MtkWindows tool and to open the firmware :

Go to the Windows tab. 
Find the address of the zone corresponding to the subtitle (there too a little research is necessary). For example, on Yamaha S550 it is "0x11" :

A small window opens on the right and posts the characteristics of the zone to be modified:

Thus adjust the zone as good seems to you. Because of the overscan, useless to go to the edge of the image.
The value in "Width" corresponds to the width of the zone and "Height" with the height, one can use these values in MtkFontCreator by re-dimensioning the window to have a real outline of the subtitles. 

In the example, one can post 3 lines and more than 45 characters per line :

To help you in positioning, you can charge a basic image in the first tab. 

Go to the tab "Mpeg4 Subtitle...  Window " :

Click on "Set to max" then "Apply" so that the subtitles fill all the zone. 

Save the firmware.

View :

Arial Narrow 27oo Arial Narrow 25oo

  1.4. modification of the color of the subtitles

To modify the color of the subtitles, launch MtkWindows and go to the tab window and select the subtitles.

On the right, it must be appear a window of the palette used :

Before making a modification, check that it is used only for the subtitles by looking at the list of the windows making use of it ( used by : ).
If it is associated several windows, the modifications will be reflected in those. To modify a color, it is enough to click above then to choose one in the list proposed of them.

You can then modify this pallet by changing for example the color of outlines. If it's black, one changes the black color while clicking above and by choosing another color :

After having saved the firmware and updated the player, the subtitles will have blue outlines instead of black.

Same manner, one can modify the color of the subtitle.

Example for Yamaha DVD-S550 :

To know the color used on your player, it is enough to put different colors then to see the result once the update carried out.

  1.5. examples of subtitles

Examples of personalized fonts :

16/9 4/3
Haettenschweiler 26
Arial Narrow 25
(by Mtz)  
script 32

2. Background modification

Here a small tutorial to modify the basic images of a reader divx containing Mediatek chip.

  2.1. creation of a personalized basic image

Example of creation of a principal basic image with framework by means of a mask (with the PhotoFiltre  software ).

  +     =  

Procedure with PhotoFiltre:
  - open the starting image
  - resize the image in 720x576 or 720x480 ("Image > Resize...")
  - modify the image with its suitability (luminosity, contrast...)
  - apply the mask ("Filter > PhotoMask", to open the file of mask, opacity:  50, color:  black)
  - save the image thus generated

  2.2. conversion of the basic image to MTK format 

It must be with the format mpeg2 with a resolution PAL (720x576) or NTSC (720x480) and contain 1 only image (advised characteristics).
It can be created according to various methods :
   - with MTKMpegTool : tool which takes an image in entry and which generates a file with the good format but of average quality (one can arrange it by modifying the bitrate in the file convert.bat, for example with the max "-b 8000" instead of "-b 1000", and run convert.bat).
   - with TMPGEnc : open an image (in "Source Video"), charge the profile dvd, modify the profile to put constant bitrate (CBR) with 8000kbps, choose "video only" (in the bottom right of the main frame), start the encoding, rename the file m2v created in mpg. There is often a better quality.
   - with any other software allowing to generate a mpeg2 file.

Easy way : download  convertx.bat, copy under the directory of MTKMpegTool, copy the images with format JPEG in the directory and launch "convertx.bat" which will convert images JPEG into MPEG.

One can also use images already made either by another person or from another firmware, this last case ensuring a good compatibility. 

  2.3. insertion of the basic images in the firmware

Run the MtkReMaker tool and open the firmware :

Go to the section "Data Part > MPEG Block"

Click with the right button on the image to replace and choose "replace". 

For example, on Yamaha S550 :

  - MPEG 1 : principal basic image (starting)

Identical result that it is PAL or NTSC (on Yamaha S550)

   - MPEG 3 : selection of the files

View :

   - MPEG 4 : gallery

View :

Save the firmware.

3. modification of the menus OSD

Here a help to modify the text of the menus of the setup and other screen displays.

  3.1. recovery

Run MtkReMaker and open the firmware.

Got to the language desired "Data Part > OSD Block >OSD 2 Languages" ("Language 7" for french on Yamaha S550).

Click on right button and "save"

  3.2. modification

Run MtkLangCreator and open the language file created in 3.1.

Save file in ".mlc" format.

Open the ".mlc" file with a simple text editor and modify the text like you want.

Be careful to modify only what is after "=". If you to change the number of characters of the text, it may be that during the screen display it is truncated or posted without adequate working.  Also only change what is identified and then check on the reader.

Then open the file modified with MtkLangCreator then save it with the ".bin " format.

Launch the MtkLangEditor software and open the file of language previously created.

Modify the text wanted on the window of bottom then to save the new file with the format "mtl".

One can also modify the police force used for the posting of the OSD. It is enough to modify the column "Font", either individually (different police force according to the text), or overall (penultimate icon).
Attention to refer to a font which exists, the value corresponding to that between bracket in version 0.2 of MTKRemaker. Check returned in MTKRemaker before burn.

  3.3. re-integration

Launch MtkReMaker and open the firmware.

Do "Replaces" language with the new one.

Save the firmware.

  3.4. explorer of file

Font used for the directory and file names.

The identification is not always obvious:
    - either one recognizes the font used compared to those available.
    - either it is often composed of 128 characters (version without accentuated characters) or of more than 300 characters.
    - either one can also modify different the tables from characters with specific font to be able to identify them more easily.

We can change the color of text by using MTKWindows.
You can find the palette used for this windows.

For Yamaha S550 :

description :
    1 - default color of files
    2 - color of file in run
    3 - color of file to select

4. Modification of the icons 

To modify the icons, I use MtkBitmaps.  

Launch MtkBitmaps and open the firmware to be modified.  

Two drop-down lists are at our disposal:
    - that of right-hand side corresponds to the icon
    - that of left to the pallet used 

Initially, it is necessary to check made real of the icon to know which pallet is used. For that, it is enough to look at what the player posts on the TV when one has the posted desired icon.
Then with MTKBitmaps, to select the icon then the pallet and the window which gives desired posting (make a correlation with MtkWindows for the window).

Example on the icon of files MP3 following the palette:

on TV :  

seek good pallet:


To save the image, make right button on the icon then "Save...".

To change the icon, make right button on the icon then "Replace...".
It will be asked to you whether you want to replace the palette. If you answer yes, there can be reflect on the icons using this palette. This is why it is disadvised answering "yes". It is as for that as it is practical to start from an icon which one recovered with his palette to modify it and reintegrate it with the same position, which will not have any impact considering the palette will not have changed.

You can use icons of other firmwares or modify those which you want by saving them, by modifying them with a suitable software then by reinstating them.

To then save the firmware with the new icons while clicking on the second button of the menu.

Here, I clearly think of having been, but if you have questions do not hesitate to come to discuss it over   forum or or   Softpedia Discussion Board ).

I point out that I am not at all responsible for the problems which can result from it.


But with the help of some precautions and some information (for the values specific to each player), the modifications presented relate to only aesthetic aspects and of anything the functionalities firmware do not change.

I also benefit from it to thank the people who created the various programs used and which advanced the things so that these players gain in functionalities and user-friendliness.

Have fun !

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